Loekintofood is run by dr Loek Pijls pmp, who has worked on nutrition for over 25 years, from most angles possible: in various roles in several food companies, in public-private partnerships, in government bodies & universities, and on different continents. He is a farmers’ son with a particular affinity for responsible & healthy food production, presentation & consumption. He is adaptable, courageous, curious, fast, knowledgeable, resilient & reliable; has extensive & lasting networks; is an excellent communicator and speaks 5 languages.

Before founding Loekintofood in 2015, Loek was The Coca-Cola Companys Global Director Nutrition Innovation. For Nestlé Health Science he was Regulatory Affairs Manager for Benelux, as well Corporate. At Nestlé Research Center he led a Group that guided, worldwide, the substantiation of health claims. He was ILSI Europe’s Senior Scientist, and Director of the EC-funded EURRECA Network of Excellence. Before that he worked in The Netherlands at the Health Council, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, National Institute for Public Health and Wageningen University, and for the Ethiopian Nutrition Institute.

Loek’s MSc is from Wageningen University and his PhD from Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. He is also certified at PhD level in Nutritional Sciences and in Epidemiology, and as Project Management Professional (PMP®).

See also https://be.linkedin.com/in/loekintofood

Loekintofood is also co-creator of the Nutrition Consultants Cooperative (NCC), Wageningen, The Netherlands. It comprises nine independently established nutrition experts with both broad and deep experience with scientific, clinical, regulatory, communicative and business aspects of nutrition: Sandra Einerhand, Henk Hendriks, Machteld van Lieshout, Michiel Löwik, Theo Ockhuizen, Thomas Plakké, Jan de Vries, Hans Zevenbergen - and Loekintofood. The Cooperative is equipped to take on larger and multidisciplinary projects - with a guaranteed continuity as members can step in for each other if needed.

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