How does what we eat impact our health? And how to apply this nutrition understanding to our health - how to make it land on our plates?

Loekintofood addresses these and related questions. This often comes down to Advancing & Applying Nutrition Science through Research, Regulatory Affairs & Communications. 

For example:

  1. Understand better the role that your food, drink or supplement plays, or could play, in the diet and health of its consumers;
  2. Design & perform nutrition research & understand what its results mean - and not mean;
  3. Develop & improve any related communications, respecting whilst making best use of regulatory degrees of freedom;
  4. Understand opportunities & barriers for making health & nutrition claims, and design research that could overcome such barriers;
  5. Understand if your product would qualify as a medical food and if not, what communication or research could make that happen;
  6. Designing, organising & leading projects, trainings & events on nutrition & related topics;
  7. Focused short-term inputs, or longer-term interim roles in nutrition science, communications, public & regulatory affairs.